Digital Bangladesh is a dream that we can touch

It is assumed that by 2021 Bangladesh will have a countrywide ICT network that will operate to ensure high speed information flow between the decision- centers where from instructions will be transmitted electronically to the action centers to make the intended actions happen.

 In her speech on October 31, 2009, while inaugurating the Digital Bangladesh workshop for the UNOs, the Honorable Prime Minister clearly outlined the four pillars of Digital Bangladesh vision: developing human resources ready for the 21st century, connecting citizens in ways most meaningful to them, taking services to citizens’ doorsteps and making the private sector and market more productive and competitive through the use of ICTs.

The goal is to accelerate a national decision-making process and to implement at the decisions, monitor the performance of the government functionaries at all levels starting from the national parliament through the ministries, administrative offices at districts, upazilas and down to the schools at village levels; evaluate the results at each level and if necessary correct the behavior of the non-performers.